My wife and I got married in July 2017.  We hired Twin Pearls for their help on our Friday night Garba, Saturday wedding/reception, and Sunday brunch.  Initially, I was skeptical about whether we needed to hire wedding planners (which is why I’m writing this review).  We both have big families who have done several big weddings on both sides.  In the end, I was very happy that we did hire Twin Pearls and extremely grateful to both Teena & Meena for how hard they worked at making our wedding a success.


A few things I would highlight:

Preparation:  One of the biggest benefits of working with Twin Pearls was how meticulous and detail-oriented they were.  My wife and I had already made various spreadsheets and timelines ourselves (& borrowed friends’ & family’s).  But Teena & Meena, by having done so many Indian weddings, came in and forced us to think through EVERY detail ahead of time.  Making the actual decisions is (usually) easy enough, but the hard part is actually knowing the complete list of dozens of tiny decisions that need to be made.  By identifying those decisions ahead of time, every single detail was planned in advance, and it meant everything ran smoothly.

Execution:  We found that the thing that most separated vendors was how well they followed-through on said details.  Twin Pearls themselves followed-through on all the details, and made sure they knew everything we asked of other vendors to make sure they followed through.  Teena & Meena made separate spreadsheets for all our vendors, our families, and our groomsmen/bridesmaids.  They did calls with all our vendors and were on top of everything.  Case-in-point: we did a 3:45 baraat, 4:30 PM wedding, 6:00 PM cocktail hour, and 7:30 PM reception start, and EVERYTHING ran on time, even though our wedding venue was 15min away from our hotel & required several rounds of bussing our guests.  Nothing was delayed, everything got done, and everyone had a blast.  I really think that it was less because of us and mostly because of Twin Pearls.

Enjoyment:  I remember at other family weddings — all the things the bride had to be on top-of the day-of.  Sending people to check on vendors, dealing with last minute changes/issues, worrying about XYZ.  No one on either side of our families had to run around the day-of to take care of XYZ.  My wife thought of tons of little things that needed to get done & they all got done.  Teena & Meena were up early and the last ones to leave and really went the extra mile.  One thing that we remember and that our guest’s mention to us is how much time we got to spend with everyone throughout the weekend — which was because we didn’t have to worry about dealing with any last-minute issues.

We’re grateful for Twin Pearls’ help and happily recommend them to other couples.

- Sunita & Ravi – Newark, DE





“What can I say…my wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without the best wedding planners in the world, Teena & Meena. Before I hired them to help me plan my wedding, I had already talked to many wedding planners. As soon as I talked to Teena and Meena, I knew I wanted Twin Pearls Events for my wedding planning. I told them that my wedding will be in 6 months and I will be busy more than half of that time and have late working hours. They compromised in my favor continuously being available at any hour of the day, answering my emails right away and addressing any concerns I have before I even know it is a concern.
I wanted help with not just the day of the event, but help planning as well. I wanted someone who would be able to give me great ideas and execute them through. Both Teena and Meena would give me so many options to choose from based on their own research and experience. I think the best part for me and the biggest selling point is that you are getting TWO lead planners. And on top of that they both have different personalities and thoughts. I would love talking to both of them on the phone or visiting a vendor with both. They both would give completely different ideas/thoughts and also play devils advocate if needed so you would end up getting every possible scenario of any option with no bias. It’s like I didn’t even have to do anything, I showed up to say yes or no, haha.
I never felt that I didn’t trust Teena and Meena. They had my trust from day one. They planned my wedding like it was their own wedding and made sure they accounted for everything. It really calmed my nerves knowing that capable people have my wedding under control. And can I say they are both so cute!! They wore the same outfit during the wedding and reception (yes they are twins) and had their husbands there to help. Having people you know help rather than a wedding planning team that hires random people just for 1 wedding makes a big difference. All 4 of them were so professional that all my guests were raving about them asking for their names and numbers right away.
Last, which was also most important to me was that I’m sure Teena and Meena did more than what we agreed upon. Or I was probably annoying about how I wanted certain things. But they went with everything. Didn’t complain to me once or say that this wasn’t in the agreement. It actually does feel like your best friends are helping you with your wedding.
I am so happy I hired both of you and now all my friends want you to help plan their weddings one day as well after they saw how well you handled my wedding, I can’t thank you enough! Keep doing this please. All the future brides out there need amazing wedding planners they can actually trust!”
- Purvi & Paras – Sheraton Mahwah, NJ
“Before even hiring Teena & Meena, I knew they were beyond amazing. They were there for us before we even officially signed on with them. My husband and I live in FL and were planning a wedding in CT and without them, I am not sure how we would have done it. They called, texted, facetimed me as needed. They always promptly replied to my emails and texts along with my mom’s phone calls. They went above and beyond in regards to every aspect. I can honestly say they have become family now. You helped us plan a memorable event and we are forever thankful for that.” Shreena & Jose - Aria in CT

“I had met with a handful of wedding planners in the Tri-state area and instantly connected with these sisters. I was introduced to Teena and Meena while having breakfast at Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien Hotel through a mutual friend as they were dining at the restaurant as well. As a publicist I execute events as part of my job so it was very important for me to partner with a wedding planner who was as passionate as I am – both sisters’ enthusiasm and attention to detail was unparallel to anyone else I had met. I also loved how genuine they were and didn’t look at the wedding as another “job”. They were available all hours of the day and responded to my emails even late in the middle hours of the night with positive enthusiasm! Fun fact: they had one month to plan my wedding which was a 3-day event. They seamlessly handled all vendors and logistics including travel and hotel bookings for my guests traveling to New York City for my wedding from Europe, Chicago, California and Dubai. The tasks that these planners handled are endless. My husband and I, along with our families, were very happy and impressed!” Zeba & Tawseef - JW Marriott Essex House New York

“Amazing Amazing Amazing! These ladies are the most spectacular wedding planners on the planet! I cannot begin to explain how much they have done for us. My husband and I live in California, but we had our reception in NJ where we were born and raised. Teena and Meena were readily available to answer any questions I had, and were unbelievably accommodating with the time difference. Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding or a huge shindig, trust me, and go with Twin Pearls! I couldn’t imagine our reception to have gone any better. We are blessed. Truly wonderful ladies, and a very hard working team”

Daryl & Rick - The Liberty House in Jersey City

“We want to thank the Twin Pearls Event Management team for allowing us to enjoy our wedding to the fullest! They took care of the all the details from start to finish and went above and beyond what we asked for. They made sure the event went smoothly and quickly took care of everything in an efficient manner. Very professional team that has experience with weddings of all sizes. We were able to enjoy our event with our families, thanks again! Truly amazing job and we highly recommend them!”

Khushbu & Ankit - The Imperia in Somerset, NJ

“Hiring Twin Pearls as a day-of coordinator was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. We were able to spend precious time with our families because we knew Teena and Meena were making sure every detail was in place.”

Shilpa & Aaron – Addison Park in Aberdeen, NJ

“Thanks again for everything, especially with some of the last-minute fixes!! You ladies quietly took care of all behind the scenes aspects and made sure the staff at the facility was aware of needs and issues before they escalated.”

Ami & Srin – The Venetian in Garfield, NJ

“Twin Pearls are truly amazing and they said their job was to make sure we weren’t worried about anything and that’s exactly the way it happened. I felt so pampered by them throughout the process and didn’t have to burden my friends and family with all the tasks that the sisters did so amazingly well.”

Krina & Devang – Marriott Hotel in Wayne, NJ

“We wanted to say a BIG thank you for all you did to make our wedding the best day of our lives! We had an awesome day and night and none of it could have been possible without all your input, ideas, patience, understanding and hard work. It was exactly how we had hoped it would be and much more! We honestly could not have done it without you! We are still talking about it and so are our guests – they say it was the best wedding they have been to!”

Sejal & Jiger – Hyatt Hotel in Princeton, NJ

“The twins truly love what they do and it shows.  We completely enjoyed ourselves with no worry at all about what was happening behind the scenes. We highly recommend them over and over again!” It was exactly how we had hoped it would be and much more! We honestly could not have done it without you! We are still talking about it and so are our guests – they say it was the best wedding they have been to!”

Rina & Manish – Terrace on the Park in Flushing, NY